7 Adventure worlds...

The Brenner Base Tunnel Infocenter - an adventure and a world of knowledge for young and old alike.
Tons of questions ... find all the answers at Tunnel World!

Why is the Brenner Pass so important? How does blasting work? Besides people...who else builds tunnels? How does a traffic jam start? How do you organize a project this size? What does a stone xylophone sound like?

7 worlds, as different and brightly coloured as all of us, wait for you to explore them. There is definitely something for everyone here! Tunnel World will offer its visitors exciting glimpses of the mysteries that surround the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Lots of displays, on history, geology, topography, tunnel construction, environmental issues and so much more, invite you to touch, play and learn.

  • 1 The Brenner Pass Details

    History’s fun! 5,300 years - in 12 metres. Who crossed the Brenner Pass, when and how? Watch and listen!

    From the Stone Age to today: Ötzi, Drusus, Charlemagne, Goethe, right up to you and me: What were and are the reasons to cross the Brenner Pass? What did the road look like in the past, and how did this important route develop? Get to know the lowest Alpine pass, at 1,371 metres above sea level, and cross it yourself - it’s more fun in Tunnel World.

  • 2 Display Tunnel Details

    From the raw rock to the completed tunnel: How does tunnel construction work? What machines are needed? Plus: KABOOM!

    Tunnel construction: Creating underground cavities. A fascinating, difficult construction challenge. Learn your way around construction machinery that you don’t see every day, and special words that only experts know. And you will definitely impress your friends with what you know about the other big tunnels in Europe.

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  • 3 Geology of the Alps Details

    Another way to look at science: Make it rain! What kind of rock is this? Jump! Blast! Our Alps are a lot more exciting than you’d think!

    How the continents were born: Talk about a moving story... In Tunnel World, you can find out about tectonic plate shifts, the development of sediment layers, groundwater flows and lots more, without having to hang around for a few million years. So, if you want to jump for joy, go ahead! Our seismograph will measure your good vibrations.

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  • 4 Adventure for Kids Details

    Lots and lots of different objects to discover – not just for kids! And if you get tired of climbing, you can rest in the cave and listen to Tyrolean stories and legends.

    The Brenner Base Tunnel is huge, but so is the fun you’ll have with the blocks, the climbing wall and carrying balls about with air streams and the conveyor belt. Solve the tunnel quiz, discover what animals build tunnels and hear some stories that are not your boring everyday stuff! You can even “whisper” that you are absolutely not ready to leave...

  • 5 Technology & Traffic Details

    This is how a traffic jam starts. This is how you measure long distances. This is why a tunnel doesn’t collapse! We guarantee “WOWs!!” for young and not-so-young scientists alike!

    Plane, train, ship or lorry? How much time and how many kilometres does each transportation method require for a goods delivery? How much pollution does it produce? Compare the data - you’ll be surprised! The laser measuring tool lets you measure distances that are much too long for any measuring tape. Try it now! What will the travel speeds of the future be? If all this is too fast for you: just cause a traffic jam.

  • 6 The Brenner Base Tunnel Project Details

    Wow! A tunnel of this length is being built right outside our front door. How do you organize a mega-project like this? Who is working on it? Where are the construction sites? Why is it so hot in the tunnel?

    We are all familiar with tunnels - at least the railway and road tunnels that we all travel through. But have you ever seen the “underground factory” that is used to build a tunnel like this? What happens to the rock that used to be where there is now a “hole in the mountain”? How can you be sure that these “holes” will actually meet where they are supposed to, if you are digging from more than one direction at the same time?  Find out all there is to know about tunnel construction!

  • 7 Outside Area Details

    Out into the fresh air! Bet you’ve never seen a xylophone this size. Dig up rocks and carry them. What’s that humming noise?

    A very special playground...with lots and lots of rocks. See how good you are at excavating and carrying small rocks. It’s not as easy as it looks! Did you know that “lifeless” rock makes a really great sound? Let your inner musician come out and play! Have fun with our stone xylophone. Make yourself comfortable and polish a stone just the way you want it. You can take it home with you!

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