Padastertal, August 2020 The Padastertal disposal area In the Padaster valley, which branches off to one side of the Wipp valley, there is Europe’s biggest disposal site for excavated earth and spoil. It can hold 7.5 million cubic metres of material - that’s three times the size of the Great Pyramids of Cheops! The spoil produced during the excavation works on the surrounding construction lots is brought directly to the disposal site via conveyor belts, to protect the surrounding population, and distributed over the site using discharge towers. Part of the spoil is used as aggregate for the production of concrete. BBT SE has carried out several protective works in the Padaster valley. Once the works are nished, the oor of the valley, which is 1.4 km long, will be 80 metres higher. After ample renaturisation works, this side valley which was too narrow to be used for agriculture or forest cultivation will become an area that can be used for grazing. Padastertal today and tomorrow Circular walking path in the Padaster valley

Description of the walking circuit Follow the water pipe path on the sunny north side of the valley to the tunnel portal. Walk through the illuminated tunnel. At the exit portal, cross the Padaster brook and return to the entrance to the valley on the other side via the forest path and the new walking path with steps and a bridge. Finally, you will reach the parking lot in front of the Chapel of St. Wendelin. If you follow the Jakobsweg, you will return to your starting point. Dauer: ca. 2h / Strecke: 5,4 km / Höhenmeter: ca. 300 Circular walking path in the Padaster valley How to reach the walking circuit From the Tunnel World parking lot, drive left over the bridge toward the town centre of Steinach. At the intersection, at the “Platzl” cafè, turn sharply to the right on the Brenner federal road, travelling south. Follow this road until you leave town. Turn left at Harland (see the picture of the intersection) and drive oward the police inspection point. After the underpass, take the rst right on the Padasterweg and follow it to the fork. Turn left and then left again at the next intersection. Follow the road upwards to the small Padaster valley parking lot. From here you can reach both St. Wendelin’s Chapel and the belvedere over the disposal site, and the starting point of the walking circuit. Steinach am Brenner Deponie Padastertal Siegreith Saxen Baustelle Wolf Kapelle zum Hl. Wendelin BBT Infocenter Tunnelwelten Panoramaweg Padastertal Links abzweigen Richtung Rotes Kreuz Polizei TUNNELWELTEN STEINACH Route zur Wendelinkapelle / Deponie Padastertal Wendelinkapelle Deponie Padastertal Abbiegung links Richtung Rotes Kreuz Polizei Kapelle zum Hl. Wendelin Stollengang Aussichtsstiege und -plattform Aussichtspunkt Baustellenareal Aussichtspunkt Deponie Infotafeln entlang des Weges Ausgangspunkt Jakobsweg Parkplatz This isn’t your every-day walking path. The path around the disposal site itself makes for a varied and interesting walk. One can enjoy the natural beauty of the Padaster valley and observe the construction and transportation works on the valley oor. Thematic panels provide interesting information on the BBT project, including the re-routing of the Padaster brook during the works. The circuit will take you through a 500 m underground water pipe with automatic lighting that turns on when one walks through it. Parts of the path are equipped with steel steps and belvedere platforms. The trail is closed every year in the winter due to snow and ice and is accessible again in the Spring. It is not suited for strollers or wheelchairs. Circular walking path in the Padaster valley

St. Wendelin's chapel During the works on the BBT, a chapel was built at the southern entrance of the Padaster valley as a compensation measure. Originally, a small chapel dating back to the 19th century had been located further within the valley, dedicated to St. Wendelin, patron saint of shepherds and cowherds, farmers, elds and meadows. Since the chapel was not a protected monument, BBT SE built a new house of worship directly on the Jakobsweg. Here, for the rst time, spoil from the tunnel excavation was used for the stone and concrete mixture in which the stone is visible. Based on the Roman construction technique known as “opus cementitium”, Bündner schist rock was mixed with self-compacting concrete. Ein besonderes Kleinod bereichert das Projektgebiet. Die Aussichtsplattform bietet einmalige Ausblicke auf die Auffüllfläche. Circular walking path in the Padaster valley

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